LuzTechnological Cabaret

This show is a technological cabaret in which the audience is invited to journey through a realm of pure light, in all shapes and colours. Not just a mere sequence of acts, this unique production leads the members of the audience to participate in an immersive visual experience depicting a techno-futuristic fantasy world. This is a visionary show that perfectly merges cutting-edge technology with high caliber human performance.

Amazing and a totally breathtaking show.

Jamella HamiltonShaw TV

The best show ever!

Stefany ThompsonK-Days Edmonton

This show will lightup your life. Big Hit!

Neil GrahamCTV

A wide array of performance acts

Laser illusion experience, interactive video immersion, avant-garde and luminous circus acts, spectacular illusions and a live musician create a unique reality and deliver the definitive Wow experience!

Get ready for a visionary show that offers a crescendo of unforgettable stunning human performance and memorable emotions.

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