Nova / The emergence of light

A profound
visual experience

NOVA will transport your visitors in an alternate universe where physics doesn’t obey the same rules. Light can be bent, human-like characters can float around, solid objects can morph and vanish at any moment.

Taking place in a giant dome, this show will spark the imagination of the crowd with its unique blend of technological visual feast, impressive human performances all supported by a modern soundtrack and gorgeous special effects.

Designed to be flexible

Modular show that
adapt to your event

This production has been created to be a modular show that can adapt the needs of your event. NOVA will range from a 10 minutes teaser show to an entire evening of futuristic entertainment. Depending on the package you select, the show will include an original mix of the following :

  • Gorgeous laser performance and lighting effects
  • Stunning landscape created by projection mapping
  • Innovative magic and illusions acts
  • Profound and trance-inducing music
  • Sci-fi cirque act and human performances
Cutting-edge technologies

The fusion of art
and engineering

Our artists and engineers have been dreaming together of the best ways to integrate new technologies in an aesthetically pleasing and awe-inspiring production. With NOVA, we feel we finally achieved our goal and we are proud to use cutting-edge technology in order to provide a completely refreshing and surprising experience.

Let's create an amazing success together

Ready to present
something different?

We would love to exchange with you about your event. You will find that NOVA is extremely flexible and easy to integrate. We can perform indoor and outdoor, our setup is weatherproof and we bring all the technical aspects so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Do not wait any longer, contact us, and let's see which package will best fit your schedule and your budget.

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