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In an attempt to satisfy its distinguished clientele, MysterAct Productions offers a multitude of exclusive performances and original entertainment activities. These can be combined together in a variety of different formats at your special events.

Turnkey solution

To ensure a fully successful outcome, let MysterAct take care of all the details for your next event. Our services will meet all your technical and entertainment needs. The final staging will be customized to your own branding.

MysterAct's multidisciplinary team of skilled professionals offers years of experience. Since 1998, we have learned tremendously. We can take care of everything, from welcoming your guests to delivering great execution and performance. Let us satisfy your needs and provide you with lively cocktail services, customized performances, musicians… We can also help you launch a new product. We will adapt our services to the theme of your evening. All the technical details are properly managed to ensure a fully successful event.

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